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Husband and Wife Eating at Denny's.

  • Husband:Wow! This sandwich tastes almost as delicious as a sourdough dick.
  • Wife:Lance! What a horrible expression.
  • Husband:Its not an expression, Louise. I really think this sandwich tastes almost as delicious as a sourdough dick. I've had a lot of sourdough dicks in my mouth. I'm one hundred percent serious.
  • Wife:What's a sourdough dick?
  • Husband:It's a dick, Louise. A penis. From a man.
  • Wife:What are you telling me? You're gay?
  • Husband:I'm not gay. And I haven't had a sourdough dick since we married. I do miss them though. I could've sworn we talked about this before.
  • Wife:No! Never! This is the first time you've mentioned sucking a dick.
  • Husband:Whoa, whoa! I never have sucked a dick! I've just had them in my mouth. Sourdough dicks 'til dawn.
  • Wife:And why do you keep saying "sourdough dicks" ???
  • Husband:That's what they are.
  • Wife:I'm going to be sick.
  • Husband:Holy moly! That man's walking like 10 dogs. Look! Across the street there.
  • Wife:I'm married to a man who loves dicks in his mouth.
  • Husband:You're still going on about this?
  • Wife:Should we divorce?
  • Husband:What? No! You're my Little Miss Little Miss Little Miss Cant Be Wrong! Hey, just forget all about this sourdough dick thing, okay?
  • Wife:I guess I can try.
  • Husband:Trying won't cut it. I need you to sign these contracts saying you will absolutely forget about all this.
  • Wife:Oh. Alright. Do you have a pen?
  • Husband:I have 60 pens stashed throughout this Denny's. If you find three of them in under a minute, this dinner is on me. Ready... GO!
  • ****its okay to repost my own stuff, right? Its been more than 3 years so its okay. its just a really sweet tale is all
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I would have rated the movie at four stars, instead of three and a half, except for one shot, the last shot before the titles begin. This is the catharsis shot, the payoff, the moment when Thelma and Louise arrive at the truth that their whole journey has been pointed toward, and Scott and his editor, Thom Noble, botch it. It’s a freeze frame that fades to white, which is fine, except it does so with unseemly haste, followed immediately by a vulgar carnival of distractions: flashbacks to the jolly faces of the two women, the roll of the end credits, an upbeat country song.

Roger Ebert, telling it like it unfortunately is about Thelma and Louise, a movie which I just saw for the first time, about which I well-knew the ending, about which I was getting choked up regardless, and whose badly mishandled final shot flattened a beautiful sadness into a mere bummed-outedness. Oh well. Still, a fine movie. (via sexpigeon)
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